Deep Flow - Yoga and Philosophy Course
21 Nov to 2 Dec 2017
Two week "Inner Retreat" while continuing your daily city life.
This sacred offering is a series of 6 two hour long workshop style classes, including notes.
In each class we will share one hour of subtle Yoga practice and one hour of inspirational Yoga philosophy, including topics like energy flow, energy lines and energy centers, energy principles, how to build, align and contain energy.
In Yogic terms we will look at Vayus, Nadis and Chakras, the Gunas, the elements and how they flow through our lives according to Samkhya philosophy, finally learning some practical tools to align body, mind and soul.
These workshops will be offered at the "Yogi Cave", a rustic garden space in Camps Bay, Cape Town. To keep the intimate atmosphere of "retreat" there will only be 4 places available, so booking for this course is essential.
Come discover a deeper dimension to your life.
Cost is R1500
To keep the intimacy of learning, sharing and co-creative collective energy, classes are to be booked as a complete package and not offered individually.
Dates are Tues 21 Nov at 6pm - 8pm, Thurs 23 Nov at 6pm - 8pm, Sat 25 Nov at 12pm - 2pm & Tues 28 Nov at 6pm - 8pm, Thurs 30 Nov at 6pm - 8pm, Sat 2 Dec at 12pm - 2pm
For more info or to book contact Melanie De Villiers on / 078 844 3042.
For updates and inspiration join the "Deep Flow" event on - facebook icon in footer will link you directly to this page.
"We are a circle within a circle, with no beginning and never ending. From the great spiral galaxies, thousands of light years across, to the trillions of atoms swirling in a grain of sand, the universe is composed of spinning wheels of energy. flowers, tree trunks, planets, and people - each is made of tiny wheels turning inside, riding upon the great wheel of the Earth, spinning in its orbit through space."
Anodea Judith
Soul Fire - Yoga Philosophy Workshop
5 Aug 2017 at 11am to 1:30pm
"Winter Warmer" workshop offered at Hot Dog Studio in Sea Point, Cape Town.
On our journey together we will explore the roots of Yoga philosophy, specifically focusing on Samkhya concepts introduced in the early Upanishads around 800BC, further developed by a Sage named Kapila around 600BC and included in the Yoga Sutras, written by the great Yogi, Patanjali around 250BC.
Samkhya explains the cosmology of nature, the process of life, what the world is and who we essentially are.
Samkhya means "to count" and is a listing of all the layers of reality that we encounter in both our external and internal world.
In this workshop we will explore the mystical dance that unfolds between our deepest core connection to infinite pure consciousness and our most peripheral identification with the forever changing expression of life, essentially looking into the process of Evolution and Involution through the idea of Purusa (the Seer, the witness, that which experiences the world) and Prakriti (the Seen, the manifest, that which is the content of experience).
We will also dive into the heart of our relationship with ourselves and others, the reason for our suffering and possible ways to resolve our fear of impermanence.
Cost is R325, including notes
Add R100 for a drop in class to join us for a heart opening Vinyasa journey before the workshop at 9am to 10:30am
I deeply look forward to share this ancient wisdom with you!!
For more info or to book contact Melanie De Villiers on / 078 844 3042.

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